Te Paranui

Hounds4Life Open Day

Te Paranui Permaculture Homestead - Sharing Permaculture Lifestyle!

Kia ora!

Whether you wish to live with us under the universal principal of Ahimsa (sanskrit for "non harming") as a bed and breakfast guest, a volunteer or a long term resident and to share our permaculture and whole plant food lifestyle, it is a wonderful creative venue in the midth of the Para Wetlands surrounded by water, wildlife and trees, from which to discover the beauty of Marlborough and the adventures waiting for you in the Top of the South Island.

Enjoy the nourishing food from our registered EARTHBOUND kitchen, connect with the animal kingdom in our sanctuary, see greyhounds from our club Hounds 4 Life! exercising, make a plan with us for an exciting day of learning permaculture principals and whole food cooking outside the class room or as a private group or participate in local yoga classes in the Yurt.

Contact us today and make it happen!

Our small community is coming together, only one room left for a couple or single who want to live the life (not talk the talk:) Please apply now!

ESSENTIAL HEALING  is now open on Tuesdays and Fridays at Te Paranui to provide 1 on 1 service for emotional and spiritual Healing and Essential Oil Wellness consultation. Please find here more information.