Te Paranui Permaculture Homestead - Sharing Permaculture Lifestyle

Kia ora!

We welcome you to share our intentions of Ahimsa (Sanskrit for "non harming"), Ako (Maori for "sharing/learning") and Amica (Latin for "friendship") as a Bed & Breakfast guest, a volunteer, a resident , greenXchange partner, Schools and Group, nutrition workshop participant, Permaculture workshop participant or Essential Healing client and to share our permaculture and wholefoods plant-based lifestyle.

Te Paranui Permaculture Homestead was founded in 2016 by local resident Maia Bahlsen. Originally it was a private lifestyle block with barn, paddocks and small house. Maia fell in love with the incredible natural environment and unique setting in the Para Wetlands and saw the opportunity to create a home for people, animals and plants to live together in a sustainable, organic way in harmony with Mother Earth.

Learn in the EARTHBOUND Kitchen, attend a Permaculture course or event, visit the animals in our sanctuary, or watch greyhounds exercising at Hounds 4 Life!

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