Permaculture Lifestyle

Te Paranui | Seaweed Collecting

Today many of us feel less than satisfied by our modern consumer society, misuse of environmental resources, community and food security. As we are forced towards the need to become more self reliant and responsible for ourselves, here at Te Paranui, we believe its time to get inspired and creative!

We dream of creating a paradise that supports the native wetlands and in the process nourishes our bodies, minds and spirits.   For this reason our gardens have been designed using the ethics principles and strategies of Permaculture.

Permaculture : What does that mean?

Permaculture translates as : permanent agriculture that is sustainable and symbiotic for all species involved, working holistically with nature rather than against it. This begins with people care, earth care, fair share. So natural systems are designed to supply needs for all, fertilising, nourishing, and protecting each other, thus replicating and supporting natural ecosystems.

The surrounding wetlands act like a kidney for the earth; filtering cleansing the water cycle and the environment. We want to design our forest gardens and vegetable gardens to support this incredible natural ecosystem whilst producing organic nutrient dense food which can then be transformed into mouth watering culinary pure plant food delights by the EARTHBOUND kitchen.

In essence, we aim to provide food for the 2 legged, 4 legged and plant residents of Te Paranui and beyond, with minimal loss of energy expenditure of any kind.

There will be extensive food forest areas containing different guilds of plants for protective, companion, medicinal and culinary uses.

The main food production area will consist of spiral spaces full of edges and microclimates for a diverse range of species, a biodynamic garden for maximum yield crop for the catering kitchen and to grow carbon for the 60/40 carbon / nitrogen  high humus compost.

Eventually we would love to incorporate appropriate technologies such as rocket stoves, alternative energy, aquaponics and water saving systems to the property.

All in all Te Paranui is on its way to become an extravaganza of creative, nutritious biodiversity that will evolve organically over time with its residents and participants as they add their gifts and knowledge to the melting pot of ideas. Come get your hands dirty with us!