Essential Healing

Essential Healing

Essential Healing at Te Paranui

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Essential Healing @ Te Paranui is an alternative healing practice by Maia Pono that empowers clients to heal emotional pain and destructive family patterns by applying the methods of Family Constellation, spiritual energy healing and CPTG essential oils reading in one on one sessions.
Examples of signs for the need to spiritual healing can be:

  • repeated pattern, i.e. „I never have enough money“, „I always fall for the same type of guy“, „I dream every night the same dream“, „I don’t have enough energy“, „I start to cry every time I hear  of a baby dying“, „I fear height, dogs, darkness…“, „I am always the victim of…“ etc.
  • drug or alcohol dependency
  • depression
  • any physical or mental illness
  • accidents
  • unbalanced relationships
  • inability to succeed in various areas of life
  • suicidal thoughts
  • severe tightness in certain areas of the body
  • hearing/seeing spirits
  • feeling lonely, hopeless, under pressure
  • unfulfilled wish for a child

Healing energy is an innate power of nature. The plants heal themselves with their oils, the animals shake off negative energy and people by connecting spiritually with the source of the problem on a higher level of consciousness.

Essential Healing offers help to heal oneself by guiding to the source of the pain within the family soul in order to make a better choice this time towards unconditional love, therefore finding the true healer inside.

Essential Oils, derived from the flowers, stems, barks and leaves of plants, are a powerful healer as well. The plant produces its own oil to heal itself from diseases, attacks, weather impact or other threats. Because a plant is immobile it has to have the will to heal itself and cannot rely on others to help like we do in modern society. Therefore the will of the plant to heal itself is embedded into the essential oil, that is carefully sources and processed into a CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade“ essential oil.

Essential Healing is a dōTERRA wellness advocate, using 49 of these precious single oils in the practice to support the client to self-heal. The client get her/his personal CPTG Essential Oil blend to take home that will support the healing process for up to 3 weeks after the consultation.

For more information on the work of Maia Pono with Family Constellation and the workshops please visit, on spiritual healing and on Essential Oils

Essential Healing Appointments can be made for Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 5 pm.

Please contact Maia on or call/txt 027 8953688.