Animal Sanctuary

Animal Sanctuary

At Te Paranui we love creatures of all kinds, and we are always expanding our family with more animals that need a caring home.

Currently, our non-human residents include  5 dogs, 1 cat, 6 chooks, 3 ducks, two donkeys, a pony, two mother alpacas with their two young babies and Pepper the baby pig.

Our new Hounds4Life program is designed to care for ex-racing greyhounds, while helping to find them suitable forever-homes. The greyhounds will enjoy a comfortable living environment, regular exercise in our custom 200 m dog run and paddock, and healthy whole plant meals until they are placed with an appropriate family.

Children may “adopt” a greyhound, visiting their dog at Te Paranui and helping to care for it, until eventually they may be able to take it home.

Please contact us with specific enquiries about Hounds4Life, or other animals in need of re-homing!

Hounds 4 Life | Marlborough New Zealand