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Arts & Crafts @ Te Paranui

Welcome to our Arts&Craft Space in the hay barn! Here we have a designated creativity space where there is always something going on: hay bales all year round invite to climb on, weave with and make sculptures. Old furniture and wood shapes waiting to be painted and brought to life. Knitting, crochet, felting, weaving, spinning can be learned from our local fleeces. Constructing and painting murals on the many fences and surfaces are part of beautifying our landscape, along with sculptures and installations made from recycled and natural forms ... the possibilities are endless.

The purpose of this space under the guidance of artist and art teacher Caro della Porta is to share and show how art can transform and enhance the landscape and living spaces. The things that we produce at Te Paranui stay at Te Paranui: the ideas and inspiration that evolve at Te Paranui are yours to take away.

We are open for school visits and groups of all ages, sharing our passion and knowledge for traditional and innovative creative expressions.

Please enquire!

Te Paranui Art & Craft
Maia, Caro and the first art project- the postbox